Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Welcome to WinnieViews!

This site will follow the continuing travel adventures of me (Lynne) and my dog (Millie). I had started a travel blog a few years ago when I first got my T@B trailer (http://tabventures.blogspot.com/). When I bought the Winnebago, it seemed only fitting that it should have it's own new blog....and so we begin our next blog series: Winnie Views!

Our new rig is a 2008 Winnebago View 24H. We got a very sweet deal on it from Camping World of Indianapolis and spent the first night in their parking log reading the owner's manuals and having fun trying everything out!

Here are some shots of the interior (note the cushion colors specifically chosen to match Millie's "million hairs" of blond fur...every little bit helps!)--

Lynne's Camera Bag

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