Sunday, April 4, 2010

“Take Your Dog To Work” Week

I had a project going live in northwest Arkansas that I had to be onsite for a full week.  Normally, I’d just board Millie at her favorite kennel and fly there, but after finding out the kennel was booked solid due to spring break, and seeing that temps in Arkansas would be in the 60’s and 70’s all week with mainly clear skies, I decided to just take Millie and the View with me!

Each day, rather than driving a rental car from the hotel to the clinic, I drove a motorhome!  Millie did fine each day comfortably sleeping on the sofa, but by evening, she really wanted to exercise.  By the time I was getting done with work obligations and getting us back to the RV park, it was nearly 9:00 at night…but no worries!  The park had a large 5 acre mowed lawn, and it was a full moon while we were there, so plenty of nighttime lighting for Millie to play “Moonlight Frisbee”!!!  The other RVers must have thought we were absolutely nuts (“Herb, what’s that lady doing out in the middle of the field with a headlamp on? Is she.. throwing a frisbee?”).  Well nevermind, Millie had a great time!

On our way home, we drove through Branson, MO where the dogwood trees were in full bloom:


It was a great change-of-pace from a typical business travel week!

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