Wednesday, July 15, 2009

First Trip - Quad Cities

Well, technically, I've camped out in the View quite a few times already, but it's always been in a driveway! After a few nights in my own driveway, I took the View up to babysit the godkids (ages 8 and 3) and they thought it was great fun to watch DVDs while sitting up in the overhead bunk (I liked that I could keep an eye on the 2 kids much easier in the confines of an RV than chasing them all over the house!).

But after all that driveway camping, one does eventually wish to actually get on the road and get out to a real campground! So, what better way to start than by bringing it to show my camping buddies at the International T@B Rally out in the Quad Cities (IL/IA). Well, I couldn't exactly go to a T@B rally without my T@B, so since my mom was planning to attend with me, I had her drive the Subaru and T@B and I drove the View.

Here's mom getting ready to tow the T@B.

The trip to Sunset Lakes RV Resort only took about 2 hours, and the View did great-- easy to drive and super easy to set up once we got there!

The park had a terrific little paddling lake with paddle boats and canoes available, but I wanted to bring my own canoe.

Only bad thing about the View thus far...can't figure out yet the best way to bring the canoe along--- it's too long to strap onto the rear ladder vertically, and the roof is too high and filled with other stuff to store it up there, so I need to decide if I should get a boat trailer or get a new car that can be towed behind the View and then put the canoe on top of that. Decisions, decisions!

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