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Winnebago 2007 View 23J
Our current View spending it's first night in Mexico, Dec. 2013
This is my current (and second!) Winnebago View-- a 2007 model 23J.  I did something rather unconventional for an RVer.  Rather than trading up to a newer/bigger model, in the Fall of 2013, I traded my 2008 View 24H for one a year older and foot shorter!  Why would someone do such a thing?  Well, this post will give you the full explanation, but short summary-- I wanted a floorplan more comfortable for solo long-term travel, and also wanted a 1st generation (T1N) Sprinter for better fuel mileage (and that would avoid any possible incompatibilities with Mexican diesel).

Our 23J floorplan features the optional cabover storage doors
Now that I've been living in the T1Nnie Winnie for a few years, I'm absolutely loving the J-model floorplan!  Love having the permanent rear bed, the lighter wood interior, and the nice front storage area.  I thought I would miss the H model's pantry, but discovered that the dinette overhead cabinets work great for the small stuff, and larger/heavier pantry items go great in "under bed" plastic tubs that slide out easily from under each bench seat.

The J has a massive storage area beneath the rear bed.  Half of it is accessible from the external rear hatch, however, there's also a spacious inside storage area beneath the "curve" of the bed where I can stow big bulky stuff such as extra towels and bedding, etc.

But there's one drawback to this newer older View-- a few hundred pounds of less cargo carrying capacity.  I need to continually be careful to not travel with full tanks of water/waste, and make sure I carry heavier items in the Tracker whenever possible to minimize the load carried in the View.

Here are the main specs for the T1NnieWinnie View:
  • Length = 23'5"
  • Width = 7'6"
  • Height = 10'9"
  • Exterior Storage = 25.3 cu ft
  • Awning Length = 10'
  • Interior Height = 6'8"
  • Freshwater Tank = 34 gal
  • Gray Holding Tank = 38 gal
  • Black Holding Tank = 31 gal
  • LP Tank = 18 gal
  • Diesel Fuel Tank = 26.4 gal
  • Wheelbase = 159"
  • GCWR = 13,700 lbs
  • GVWR = 10,200 lbs
  • UVW = 9,008 lbs
  • CCC (with full fuel, water, LP tanks) = 849 lbs for occupants, cargo & towing tongue weight
  • Towing Capacity = 3,500 lbs
  • Hitch Weight Limit = 350 lbs
  • Engine = Mercedes Benz 2.7L 5-cylinder 154hp Turbo-Diesel 
  • Chassis = 2006 Dodge Sprinter (Mercedes Benz) 3500 with 5-speed automatic transmission
  • Avg MPG = 13-14 mpg at full highway speeds (60-70 mph) while towing; 16-18 mpg when not towing

Here are the mods and upgrades I've installed on the Winnie (click the RV Gadget Favs tab for more of my favorite RVing items):

In May 2016, my View got its biggest upgrade yet-- a gorgeous new exterior paint job from the master craftsmen at Mike's Custom Painting in Bremen, IN.  Here's the full post of before/after photos.


  1. Hi Lynn:

    Will the mini cloths spinner fit inside the 5 gallon bucket?
    I see you're back in MX, enjoying your great photos!

    1. Hi John-- Sorry for the tardy reply. The Mini clothes spinner is (maddenly) a few inches too large to fit into the 5 gal pail. But I fill the pail with the hangers and laundry detergent, so the excess space gets used (and both the pail washer and the mini dryer are easy to grab and move in and out of the shower), so I've not been too bothered by the lack of "nesting"

  2. Hi Lynn,
    How do you find reliability of the view and what kind of regular maintenance do you have to do? thank you very much!

    1. This is the 3rd Sprinter I've owned (2 Views and a van), so that should tell you how well I like them! But FedEx, DHL, and other businesses like them too. These vehicles get great mileage and have legendary Mercedes Benz durability and reliability. The Sprinter requires less maintenance than a Ford/Chevy gas motorhome (i.e. every 10k rather than 3K for oil changes, etc), but the maintenance usually should be done by a certified Sprinter shop, so plan on around $500/yr for general chassis maint. and up to around $2K/yr for motorhome repairs/maint.

  3. Hi
    I am very confused...originally wanted a 5 cylinder engine but went to see an extremely well maintained 07 with a 6 cylinder engine
    It is a J model with tons of upgrades. Gave a deposit on it and wonder if I did the right thing.
    Can you share your views, if possible, contact me at :
    I want to make sure we get our "forever RV"
    Many thanks
    Ps: traveling with 2 kitties, so the bunk over the cab will become our kitty condo.

  4. Hello:
    I was reading that any View with a 3500 lb towing capacity hitch could be increased to 5000 lbs with a bracket on the frame/hitch somewhere. Have you looking into that?

    1. It can be done with the 2008 Views (on the 2007 chassis). The Sprinter Store in Oregon sells a kit. But no solution for the earlier 5-cyl View (like mine) other than upgrading to a newer View or downgrading to a lighter toad.

  5. I am thinking of getting a Sprinter based RV, but the CCC is sooo limited. 849 lbs for water, goods, fuel,people and propane. Is there a model that allows for +900 lbs?

  6. Still Driving our 2007 3500... getting 17mpg at 70 mph, diesel, and loving it. 72K miles on the odometer.
    At the same time, interested in selling it. In great shape and recommend it., 607-207-1992 for follow up.


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