Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Family Vacation – Part 3 (Ontario and the U.P.)


It was cloudy for our day in Lake Superior Provinicial Park and threatening rain, but I didn’t care.  My main goal was to get that “peaceful lake paddling” time that I’d been craving for the past few months.  We headed over to Crescent Lake where I took the inflatable canoe out on the water, while my brother and Millie hiked a trail that connected the 3 different nearby lakes to Crescent (of course, he had to let her try out each lake!)


We drove up north to the town of Wawa to get some gas before heading back south thru LSPP again.  By the time we got to Katherine Cove, it had started raining, but the views were so pretty, we walked the trail and took pictures anyway:

IMG_0888 IMG_0897 IMG_0904 IMG_0910

As we drove down to Pancake Bay Provincial Park, it began pouring rain—no worries, though.  All our outdoor activities were done for the day anyway.  We set up camp, rolled out the awning, and cooked on the grill staying nice and dry.


The next morning, Lake Superior was as calm and peaceful as bathwater.  I took a short stroll along the beach before we left to drive back into the U.S. and to the Upper Peninsula (the “U.P.”) of Michigan.

IMG_0924 IMG_0927

Once in the U.P., we took a brief detour to see the Upper and Lower Tahquamenon Falls.  First the lower falls:


then the impressive Upper Falls:


We stopped at the Wisconsin/Michigan border for dinner, and it was such a nice night, that we decided to just keep on driving finally arriving home around midnight.  It was a wonder week!

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