Sunday, September 25, 2011

Taking the Lincoln Highway home

In keeping with my desire to travel the backroads rather than Interstate highways whenever possible, I decided to take the Lincoln Highway (US Route 30) most of the way back home to Chicago.

The Lincoln Highway through Pennsylvania is a wonderfully “authentic” road with many of the farms, forests, and small towns virtually unchanged since the road was new nearly 90 years ago.  It was foggy in some of the higher elevations, and fall colors were beginning to show on the foliage.


As I got closer to Pittsburgh, the sun peeked out from the clouds briefly to create this pretty rainbow over a Lowe’s store.


I’d never been to Pittsburgh before but it looked like a really interesting town.  I was losing daylight by the time I’d cleared the traffic jam into downtown so could only catch a few shots as I drove through.

By the time I reached the tiny panhandle section of West Virginia, it was dark.  I continued on to my stop for the night—a Wal-Mart in the central Ohio town of Coshocton.


The next morning, I passed through a few Amish farms in central Ohio.  This was an interesting placement for a buggy warning sign (beneath an electric tower!)

But soon enough, I saw a few buggies on the road on with folks coming and going to the bustling town of Mount Vernon.  There was a farmer’s market in the town square that I would have loved to go to… if only I could have found a parking space for my own little motorhome buggy!

It rained buckets during my drive along US 30 through Indiana, so no pictures there.  But, as I rolled through downtown Chicago, the sun came out again… Hi-dee Ho!  Sweet Home Chicago!


  1. Lynne: I had to stop what I was doing and let you know how much I enjoyed that clip on YouTube you recommended I check out. It was so funny and so true. I don't know how many times I changed direction before I made it to my computer to type this comment to you!! Jeana

  2. Ha ha Jeana. You're all I could think of watching that silly video. Can't imagine what a daunting effort it's been to clean out your house (and under a tight time schedule too). Well, hopefully, the worst of it is behind you now and nothing but sunny Tucson skies ahead!


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