Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Recent Enhancements to the Blog

If you read Winnie Views from an RSS Reader and have not visited the blog’s homepage recently, I’ve added a few new features and links.  Frankly, I stole these ideas from some of the other great RV blogs I read, so figured I’d better give thanks appropriately where it is due.

First, I’ve added new About Us and Our View tabs at the top of the page.  Ever since seeing these a few months ago on the my friend Evelyn’s blog, Travels of Evelyn and Steve, I’ve been meaning to create similar tabs here.

I used to have one of those pictures on my blog with all the states and provinces colored in of where we’d been with the View.  Quite colorful for sure, but it didn’t help me remember all the good places I’ve stayed or had parked overnight.  Then, I saw Judy over at Travels with Emma, add a terrific Google map to her blog of all the places she had stayed and hiked.  What a terrific idea!  I had long been using the My Places feature of Google Maps to create my own custom maps whenever I started planning a big trip—noting all the photo and camping locations I might want to visit.  But, I had never thought to create a map after the fact of Where We’ve Stayed, and link those places back to our blog posts and/or website of the park.


Full-time RVers Fred and Jo Wishnie have a great link on their blog, The Wandering Wishnies, to all of their campground reviews posted to RVParkReviews.com.  I, too, have used this site for years to post feedback on all the parks I’ve visited and it’s a terrific resource to get true, honest, opinions from fellow campers.  So, I’ve now added a link on my blog to all of my RVPark reviews as well.

This past weekend, I finally figured out how to create a Winnie Views Facebook page for the blog.  While many folks are comfortable using an RSS reader or the Follower feature of Google Blogger to be notified of their blog updates, there are others who prefer to just get their blog news and friend updates all rolled into their Facebook feed, so we’re now doing that…neat that we already have 11 people that “Like” that page in the first two days.  Cool!

I like the way Cherie & Chris from Technomadia keep their Facebook page updated—not only do they re-publish their blog posts there, they also use it to post short little updates, thoughts, and questions in between their posts.  It’s also a nice way for friends to post their ideas and feedback as well.

So, hope you find these updates useful.  Now, lets all start some conversations!


  1. I like what you've done. Very nice page.

  2. I like all those added features but I am no techy :) and I don't travel enough yet to add them.
    Hope to maybe meet here in Tucson if you have the time. The weather is beautiful. Gotta have rain sometimes.

  3. My son was the one that came up with the map idea. It helps to have a techie in the family. :)

  4. How long did it take you to put all your camping places on the map? Great feature!

  5. I like what you've done with your blog. The links where you bought all the RV add-ons are great. Thank you!

  6. Thanks everyone! Evelyn-- it took a few hours to create the Google map. It's very easy to do as long as you keep one window open with your Google map in editing mode, and another browser window open to search your blog pages, and/or campground websites to copy/paste the URL links back over into each of your Google map pushpin points. Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V are your friends (to copy/paste)!

    Judy-- I think your son has really started a trend now among RV bloggers! Give him our thanks!

  7. is the top photo of a trail thru' daisies around the area of Cade's Cove? it's gorgeous! judi r.

  8. Well, I am originally from South Africa where and I have moved to United States for last 4 year. There is no concept of RV camping in South Africa. I have learned about the RV Camping tips recently. I am happy to see your post.

  9. Just finished the maiden voyage in our 2014 View Profile. Worst 105k I have ever invested. One trip and into the shop. 10 mpg, slide seals falling off as is sensors to tanks under coach. Ginny and air conditioner sound like locomotives making sleeping on the so called bed a nightmare. Propane sensors will not shut up and a quick call to dealer yielded the , pull the fuse trick. So no cooking and run the locomotive Ginny all weekend to keep fridge cold. Wife needed stitches after cutting het leg on the cheap mechanical seats. Just a nightmare. Can't wait to see what the dealership does tomorrow.

    1. Sounds like this is your first RV? New RVs (regardless of brand) unfortunately have dozens of little things to be corrected during your 1st year. There are also quite a few (again, all brands) that go up for sale when the original owner is not able to get comfortable with their coach (or RVing). I bought my '09 View new and had a similar learning curve to what you're experiencing now.

      But a couple things helped me get over the initial hump-- joining the owners forum (Yahoo Skinnie Winnie group) to ask questions & ask for help. Lots of things turned out to be just my simple "new user error", but some were major failures of 3rd-party components that go into these motorhomes too-- during Year 1 I had major repairs of the fridge, genny, and steps to name a few. All were covered by warranty, but still annoying. But, in comparison, I heard far worse stories from new non-Winnebago owners with their Sprinter motorhomes-- at least with Winnebago, the structure, roof, and cabinetry were a more solid foundation.

      If there were any quieter, small gennies and/or ACs to be found, I'm sure motorhome mfr's would gladly use them, but unfortunately, Cummins owns the built-in genny market, and 2 nearly identical brands own the rooftop AC market (and all are loud). Best option is to try and avoid needing to use them as much as you can-- drive to cooler climates in the summer when possible, or stay at a park with hookups.

      If you embrace the learning curve and roll with the 1st year "new RV shake-out process", you'll eventually learn & master all your RV's systems, have some great travels & meet some great new friends. But if this is all too much to take on, and RVing is not what you thought it'd be, best to move on to something more enjoyable.


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