Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Bad Luck Duck

Just when you thought all was daffy and there could only be good luck ducks in the world, along comes a bad luck duck to remind you of darker tail feathers.

A nice Mallard couple moved into our neighborhood a few weeks ago--


A quiet, cordial pair who divided their time between the local lake and our subdivision’s cul-de-sac.

Yesterday afternoon, I heard a loud thump on the roof of the house followed by what seemed like a dozen racing footsteps that were much too loud to be squirrels. I looked out the window to then see a gang of 4 ducks fighting in my backyard.


But something was not right.  There were 3 males and only 1 female:


If there are any parents with small children reading this blog, you might wish to divert their attention now—what follows is our “content for mature audiences only” segment.

Apparently, 2 males had come to stir up trouble with our friendly mallard couple.  These 2 males were an unusual pair— one guy served as the “look out” while the other more aggressive thug of a duck went to pick a fight with the male husband of our mallard couple.


Pretty soon, the lookout duck was now fighting with the Mallard husband, while the thug duck was having his way with the little lady.


Within a few seconds, the thug was finished and flew off while his lookout hung around for a few minutes longer.


Finally, the mallard couple were back on their own, but this time each looking “guard” in both directions:


Poor little bad luck duck!  Hope you can steer clear of those thugs in the future.


  1. Didn't realize you lived in a red light district! ;)

  2. That's the way with ducks. Too many males around and they fight for the few females available. But, I didn't know ducks are so clever to band up and divert the "owner" to get their way. Boy, oh boy what a story! That's something for the newspapers.

  3. Ohhh, that's awful! I would have been out there beating off the interlopers with a stick. Really. Poor duck couple. I hope she doesn't have any eggs fertilized by that jerk duck. :(

  4. What an amazing story, and the pictures you got are unbelievable! Talk about photojournalism. Very quick thinking on your part to get your camera and record it all.

  5. We had backyard ducks when I was in high school with too many males. That's when I learned about duck rape. Bad news.

  6. Don't worry... DNA testing will catchup with those thugs in.... oh... about 15 years!


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