Saturday, December 7, 2013

“Dental Camp” at Algodones

Evelyn and I both needed some dental work, so our first stop was to Algodones, Mexico near Yuma, AZ.  Coincidentally, my friend KamperBob was also in need of a dentist, so he drove down from his winter camp hosting gig at Death Valley National Park to join us for the week.  Rather than haul his RV out of it’s winter resting spot, he decided to try a more minimalist approach and just bring his tent.

We enjoyed a spectacular sunset one night from our hilltop boondocking “Dental Camp” just north of the Algodones border crossing.

On Monday morning, Bob and I headed into Algodones to our dental appointments with Dr. Eva Ureña.  We both appreciated her thorough explanations (in English!), careful skill, and friendly staff.  The prices were pretty great too (compared to the U.S.)!  In between our appointments, we walked around the streets of this small Mexican border town focused exclusively on serving the needs of American “medical tourists” seeking low-cost dental, optical, and pharmacy services.


Nina from WheelingIt did a great couple of posts earlier this year about Algodones, so I won’t repeat the basic information here.   But, besides all those great medical services, you will find sidewalks literally overflowing with all kinds of touristy goods to feast your eyes upon—purses, hats, blankets, pottery, jewelry, leather goods, and even piñatas!

Bob admired this fetching Snow White piñata…

While I was not quite sure what to make of this robustly-endowed baby piñata!


But, Algodones seems to have a little something to bring smiles to everyone!


On Tuesday, I put the “Recreational Engineer” to work installing my previous solar components to my new RV.  I knew there was a good reason why I had never permanently installed my solar components to my last RV (I must have known I’d be trading it for a new one!).

I wanted a system that would let me still keep the solar panels portable while keeping the controller and monitor panel well-secured and easily accessible.  Bob came up with some brilliant solutions of mounting the controller just inside the step well on the passenger seatbase (so I can still easily connect and disconnect my solar cables to the controller), and then found a perfect-fitting spot at eye-level for my battery monitor right between the door and the kitchen cabinets.  Bob accused the two dogs (Millie and Molly) of being “government supervisors” in their paws-off approach to helping out with the work effort!


With work done, Evelyn, Bob, and I enjoyed a few good meals out on the town in Yuma and even put together an impromptu vegan potluck. 


It turned very windy and a bit colder for our last night at Dental Camp, so we had to keep the outdoor furniture on the ground and move the party inside the RVs!


Overall, we got some great work done on our teeth (and RVs!) and had an enjoyable week.  Dental Camp 2013 was a rousing success!


  1. Good to read that part 1 of your adventure went so well. Now onto the next leg of the trip.

  2. I just know all those spots around Yuma anyway that you are explaining and am so anxious to get to Mexico for dental fun as well.. I never regret my going there in 2007 and having great work done! Hopefully I will be in Yuma very soon!

    1. So glad you're going to Yuma this winter, Terry! I thought about you and Gordie so much while we were there-- you gave me such a great introduction to the town! When Bob, Evelyn, and I were wanting to go out for a late lunch/early dinner one day, I suggested the Golden Corral that you and Gordie had taken me to and it was just as good as when we were there!

  3. Couldn't agree more with that and it's a good work that you guys are doing this. I would add up that activated charcoal teeth whitening is the best powder for teeth and if you suggest them this too it's best for them. Because i already used it and never seen any side effects of myself.

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