Saturday, February 1, 2014

Blog Page Updates

The tabs at the top of my blog had not been updated for ages, so today I finally started attending to that!  Now, when you click the "Our View" tab, you'll actually see the '07 23J View we've been calling home for the past few months!  But never fear, if you still long to see the original '08 24H Winnie View, that tab is still there too (it's now called "Our Previous View").

I bought quite a few new RVing accessories last Fall that I've now been using a few months here in Mexico, so I updated the "RV Gadget Favs" tab with some new pictures and links.  Notably, I'm LOVING my new Oxygenics shower head, and my Big Agnes Insulated AirCore "sleep number" system for the rear corner bed.

Even though there's a fairly good laundry service here on the Isla, I've been having fun using my new View's onboard washer and dryer.  "What?" you say, "you have a washer and dryer in that 23 foot Class C motorhome?"  Well, yep, I sure do!  I'll do a more detailed post later on how that's done, but for now, check out the RV Gadget Favs page to see the pics and links!

Finally, I've also added a new Amazon search widget to the bottom of our home page.  I've avoided trying to sell stuff to WinnieView readers for years now (plenty of other RV blogs that will gladly panhandle you their wares on a near-daily basis!).  But, now that I'm retired, some passive "win-win" ways to make it easier for you to find the products I use and enjoy, while letting Amazon throw me a few cents if you happen to buy something from them via my links, well, I hope you might find that a bit more helpful than offensive :-)

I look forward to your comments and feedback, especially if you have some favorite RV gadgets of your own that you think I might find useful!

Happy February from Mazatlan!


  1. I thought you 'named' your air mattress Big Agnes - I had to go see your Gadgets page for myself! And your washer/dryer combo? You do know what that washer thingy looks like, right? lol The link for the dryer is no longer valid, fyi.

    Looks like you continue to enjoy retirement, as you should! Is your brother coming for a visit while you're in Mexico?

    Enjoying your updates as always!

    1. Ha ha! Well, nope, Big Agnes is actually the company's name-- a zany bunch of camping geeks from Colorado as I understand it. They make excellent gear!

      Stay tuned for the washer/dryer post-- coming up real quick! And thanks for the alert about the link not working for the dryer (I've now fixed that)!

      My brother is crazy-busy this winter managing his ski shop in Vail, CO. Apparently all the sunny 80-degree days I've been getting in Mexico this winter have been keeping a perpetual snow-maker over the Colorado Rockies and they're having one of their biggest skiing seasons in years! So, unfortunately, that also means he can't get away to come to Mexico right now. Maybe next year!


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