Saturday, January 24, 2015

Christmas Week in Loreto

As much as Millie and I loved Playa Santispac, the lack of phone or internet signal would be just too big a barrier for the upcoming Christmas holiday.  I looked forward to video chatting or calling my family, and wanted to be somewhere with good connectivity.

Loreto was happy to oblige! 


So, I packed and headed back down Baja Highway 1 to return to Loreto’s Rivera del Mar RV park for a week.


We took Hans & Ursula’s old spot in the center of the park and had a nice little garden and palm tree right outside our door.


Then I got busy hanging our Christmas stockings…IMG_3934and getting Millie decked out in her jingle bell collar for her annual Christmas portrait.  It sure didn’t come close to last year’s amazing photo on the beach in Mazatlan, but at least we still had sun and warmth!

Christmas morning dawned with an amazing sunrise over the palm trees.


But, the day itself was rather disappointing.  Instead of the friendly, social truck camper RVers we’d encountered here a week earlier, the RVers this week seemed to just be overnighting on their way to somewhere else and not too interested in chatting with neighbors or sharing much holiday spirit.

To make matters even worse, the internet connection was overloaded most of Christmas day making even audio calls to the US short and frustrating.  Video chats this Christmas would now be impossible.

Millie and I made the most of the rest of our week, though.  Getting lots of chores tackled, catching up on blog posts, and taking a few outings to the wonderful, empty Juncalito Beach south of town (part of the Loreto Bay National Marine Park).

The entrance to this beach is down a bumpy dirt road and long gravel arroyo.  Free camping is available here for those who have high-clearance vehicles.  The cove is ringed by tall mountains and palm trees, and waters are clear and refreshing.   A great place to take long beach walks and let the pooch go for a swim!


As Millie and I were walking around town a few days after Christmas, I discovered that the taco place was finally open again.  El Rey del Taco (“The Taco King”) is claimed to be one of the best taco places anywhere, but it had been closed every day Hans, Ursula and I had tried to go previously, and closed again over Christmas.


In my quest for the best fish taco in all of Baja, Millie and I quickly joined the line at the carry-out window in hopes of finally getting a few of these rare eats. 

Some folks in line would finally give up and walk away after waiting over 10 or 15 minutes, but Millie and I continued to wait patiently.


And wait, and wait….


Finally, after 30 minutes, it was our turn to order!  Tres tacos del pescado, maize, por favor!   As I waited for my order to be cooked and packed up, the door to the restaurant closed.  The food for the day was now nearly sold out, and it wasn’t even 1:00pm yet!  Yes, this place is that popular.


Cost per taco = 27 pesos (US $1.85).  Taste?  Muy Delicioso!  The best fish tacos I had yet to eat in Baja.


A few more bike rides down the malicon, and walks around the square, and our week in Loreto had soon come to an end.


It was now time to continue further south to La Paz to meet back up with our friends Hans and Ursula for New Year’s Eve!


  1. Used to be that Lulu's hand cart down by the malecon had the best fish tacos - but that's been a while. Next year we hope to be down in our Navion and we'll see for ourselves. I'm interested in whether anyone with an MB, after your 5 cylinder, has had problems with the diesel. From what I read, most Mex diesel is imported from US refineries and is low sulfur. Anyway, echo de menos México.
    Have a wonderful New Year.

    1. Hi Kevin:
      I'm in La Paz now parked next to 2 V6 Views (my travel mates Hans & Ursula have an '09 J and the other couple here from BC have an '08J). So far, neither rig has had any problems, but they've not really gone too far yet. Stay tuned for our trip back north! There's a large Pemex storage facility here in La Paz where tanker ships can be seen coming and going (bringing fuel over from the mainland Mexico refineries). So, it's pretty certain that Baja Sur only gets Mexican fuel. But, Baja Norte is a different story. Numerous internet sources say they only get supplied by US refineries, so our assumption is that we were getting ULSD all the way down to the state line just before Guerrero Negro. Considering our Winnies can go about 300-400 miles per tank, and La Paz is 500 miles from the state line, that means both of the V6 Views have not gone very far yet on Mexican fuel. The assumption by both, though, is that they will be just fine and that the 1 or 2 tanks or Mex Diesel won't be an issue for the DPF to deal with.

  2. I want one ( well actually two ) of those tacos!


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