Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Millie’s 10th Birthday Bash

After “ruffing it” on the beach at Tecolote for a week, we headed back to AquaMarina RV Park in La Paz to meet back up with Hans and Ursula.  The owners here are so warm and friendly, and park is so immaculate, that we decided to just stay here and do day trips down to various spots on the cabo rather than move RVs further south.

So, I got the View all parked and planted for the next 2 weeks just a few spots down from Hans and Ursula’s View.


One of the first orders of business was to celebrate Millie’s 10th birthday!

What do you get a dog that has a half-dozen frisbees and stuffed toys, and more bandanas than Imelda Marcos has shoes?  Well,  might as well stick with what she likes best.

So, the morning birthday celebration included a new blue frisbee from Hans and Ursula, and a new pink bandana from mama!


Of course this winter trip to Baja’s beaches has been Millie’s main gift, so we planned an afternoon celebration swim with Millie’s new La Paz friend Peanut, a super cute chocolate long-haired chihuahua, and her mom Wendy.

Wendy took us to her favorite in-town beach just east of the malecon, and the dogs had a blast running around the beach, and Peanut was quite curious to watch Millie swim.


After the dogs exhausted themselves, I sat with them under a palapa while Wendy went to swim a few laps.


Such a tough life these dogs lead!


Finally, the swim party was over and it was time to head back home.  Can you tell how thrilled Millie was to leave the beach?


But at least she had a new bag of gourmet dog biscuits from Wendy, Bobby and Peanut to console herself with…all said, not a bad way to celebrate a 10th birthday!  Not bad at all!



  1. What a lucky happy doggie.....She's been more places than I have...Guess I better get a move on.
    Happy Birthday Millie!!

  2. Happy birthday to Millie!!! Looks like she had a wonderful celebration.

  3. You lucky dog! Happy Birthday Millie.

  4. Happy birthday pets to Millie!

  5. Millie! You don't look a day over 5! Happy Birthday!

  6. I know how Millie feels! I hate leaving the water and beach too. Not only does Millie have a great life, my dear, you do too!

    Love all the photos. I FINALLY have sandals on here in San Miguel. Woo hoo.

  7. Happy Birthday Millie. Sounds like you had a fantastic day. I sure do love your frosty face.

  8. Love Millie's sad face leaving the beach, but what a nice birthday!


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