Thursday, October 28, 2010

Winding Along Arkansas Hwy 7


I had read that Arkansas Highway 7 was one of the most scenic and twisty and rolling drives in the entire state, so of course, I just had to give it a drive with my twisty, rolling RV! 

Millie has never been thrilled about riding in the View—it’s sofa is too bouncy and suspension is too top-heavy and “tippy”.  Usually, she just sits on the sofa and suffers through the it, but after a short while on Highway 7’s “up and down and all around” curves, Millie headed back to sit on one of the non-spring dinette bench seats.  She then rode in that seat all the rest of the way to Florida  (guess she didn’t trust me after the Highway 7 drive!).

Our original target for the night had been to drive all the way down to Hot Springs, but after spending so much time at Alley Spring Mill, we weren’t going to make it that far.  So, I chose Petit Jean State Park just west of Little Rock.

Petit Jean sits atop a large hill (small mountain?) overlooking the Arkansas River valley.  We arrived just a bit too late for sunset, but it still was an impressive vista. 


The campground was very nice—I had a nice view of the lake and most sites had full hookups and paved pads. I wish I could have spent more time here, but the campground was sold-out the next night, so I had to move on.

On our way to Hot Springs, we drove behind a logging truck that had an interesting sign:


“If you object to logging, try using plastic toilet paper!”


Hot Springs was an interesting town, but rather difficult to get around in with driving a 24’ RV, so I took a few shots of the historic hot spring spas out the window as I drove by, and then drove out to Lake Ouachita State Park just west of town.



Lake Ouachita was another gem of a state park—with campsites set up above the lake overlooking a small boat harbor.  Millie enjoyed a nice swim before dinner, and I enjoyed the sunset.  Definitely another place to come back to one day.


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