Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Final Silverton 4WD trail– Red Mountain Pass

For the next few days, I stayed in the motorhome to work while Millie discovered a cool new place to nap--- underneath the motorhome!

On our final evening in Silverton, Millie and I did the southern half of the Red Mountain trail that we had missed a few weeks ago when doing the northern portion.   It was a fairly quick and easy trail, but beautiful San Juan mountain scenery like usual!


At the end of the trail were a few more old mines

We then drove across the street to the infamous Black Bear Pass trail.  This is supposedly one of the most difficult trails in the San Juans, so I certainly did not attempt to drive my Tracker on the whole trail, but I did do the easy first mile of it to feel like I’d come close!


I will really miss these wonderful trails. I fear I’ve just done the “cream of the crop” in terms of 4WD trails in America, and that all other trails are likely to be a letdown after this, but no worry….these are certainly worth returning to again and again!

If anyone else with a 4WD vehicle is interested in driving these trails, here’s the guidebook I used.  Apart from a few spots, the ratings and trail markers were very accurate, and the maps and photos in this book were very helpful in planning my trip.  The authors have created books for Utah, Arizona, and California as well.  Check them out at funtreks.com !

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  1. Your pictures are out of this world and some of the best I have seen of Colorado. I live in Colorado and didn't realize until your posts that we've been missing some spectacular scenery. Thanks for showing the 4WD book you used because I was going to ask you where you go your information on the drives.


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