Thursday, March 13, 2014

Off to San Miguel de Allende

It’s just a short drive from Bugamville RV Park in Guanajuato over to my next colonial Mexico tour stop of San Miguel de Allende.  The road is 2-lane with no shoulder, but is sparsely traveled, so a fairly easy route through rolling hills.  That is….until I realize that I’ve forgotten to lock down one of my tow bar arms and see the Tracker weaving around more than usual in the rear camera monitor…YIKES!   Well, nothing to do but stop in the middle of the road, jump out and run back to the Tracker to quickly engage the tow arm lock!  Thankfully, I did not hold up traffic!

I had been chatting away with fellow RVers at Bugamville when hitching up to leave that morning, and obviously not paying closer attention to my tasks at hand.  Lesson learned (and fortunately, no harm done)!

I continue along and start following a couple out for a morning drive on their motorcycle.  Seems like a Harley with American plates.  Ah yes, I must be getting closer to the ex-Pat capital of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende!


I soon discover another feature that I had not realized about San Miguel—the large Ignacio Allende reservoir located just west of town.  Only one lone fisherman out on this day.


We skirt around the main part of town on the Perifico and inch our way through the Saturday afternoon traffic to finally arrive to Hotel San Ramon.  Quite a wonderful deal there for solo RVers!  They charge per person rather than just a flat RV rate.  So my grand total for a 1 week stay comes out to only 1050 pesos (just US$11.53 per night!).  We get the last open spot on the concrete patio terrace beneath a tall row of pine trees that provide us with plenty of afternoon shade.  Millie’s happy, and Mama’s happy!


After a short rest, Millie and I jump in the Tracker to head to the large Mega grocery store to restock our pantry, but we first take a short drive through town to get our bearings. As luck would have it, we end up right behind a tourists’ Trolley bus.  What better way to learn where all the good sights are in town than to follow a trolley tour!

We first roll past the Plaza Civica and the towers of the Oratorio de San Felipe Neri..


then past the Templo de San Francisco…


and started climbing the steep hillside on the eastern side of town…


up, up, up until we reached the Real Salida a Querétaro, the main “rim road”.  Soon, the tourist trolley brings traffic to a complete stand-still as it turns and backs into a parking spot. 


Why is it parking?  To let the tourists out to see the grand vista overlooking the city.  Luckily, I also find an open parking space to stop and take a quick postcard shot of the “pink church” (La Parroquia) that dominates the skyline.


Millie and I continue on to do our mundane grocery shopping, and then cut back over into the city center for another quick drive on our way back to the RV park.  What a lovely town!  My friend Suzanne (TakeToTheHighway), sends me a lonnnggg list of favorite restaurants that she has eaten at during her many stays here over the years.  No possible way I’ll make it to all of them, but my taste-buds are sure ready to try!




  1. I am loving the trip thru these towns - so beautiful. This is a real education for me.

  2. I love your shot of the view of the city... truly a "picture postcard"!

  3. Another beautiful town and church, can't wait for your explorations and pictures!!

  4. Love your blog and your pictures are really awesome!!!

  5. What a beautiful city--I understand now why so many expats are there.

  6. First rule of hooking up is not to talk to anyone until you are done. We have seen so many problems and lots of damage by being distracted. Glad you discovered the problem quickly and with no problems. Love the photos.

  7. Lynne, your post and pictures made me itch to get back on the road. Unfortunately, our motor home is parked and doubles as a guest house until either the price of diesel comes down or my book hits the best seller list. :) Thank you for your beautiful pictures and descriptions. They make me feel as if I've had a mini-vacation.


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