Friday, May 16, 2014

Cold, Cloudy & GREEN!

It’s been unseasonably cold here in Chicago this week.  So cold that a few big, fat snowflakes got mixed in with the rain today!  But, fear not.  Spring has sprung, and the April showers continuing into May have delivered some exceptional green all around. 

There’s no better way to capture vibrant Spring greens than on cloudy, wet days, so I’ve been making the most of them!

Yesterday, I attended an all-day seminar at the Morton Arboretum (part of my Master Naturalist continuing education), and took a few, quick “drive-by” photos around the park before heading to class. 

The redbuds were in full bloom, and I even found a few Virginia bluebells too!



Feeling inspired, today I decided to head out to my favorite nearby nature oasis today, Bluff Spring Fen, to see how Spring was progressing.  As I expected, the cold and rain kept other visitors away and I had the whole Fen to myself!


The plants are most definitely a few weeks behind schedule this year, but overall the Fen is greening up nicely.  The Mayapples are lush and growing…


The Lilies of the Valley were abundant beneath the giant Bur Oak trees.


The Fen is also starting to show a few wildflowers.  Love these shooting stars!


and these marsh marigolds..


Thankfully, the rain paused just long enough to keep my camera dry while snapping these photos! 

I don’t know how this little bitty 95-acre Fen manages to do it, but every time I visit this place I leave feeling rejuvenated and energized. 

I didn’t realize how much I had been missing my nature walks these past six weeks until today.  So, I vow to make time at least once or twice a week for a hike-- no matter what the weather is like (or how many house tasks I still have left to do!).

Have you been out for a hike lately?  Where to?




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  1. Really enjoy your blog. What is up with the tiny font?

  2. ugh! I was trying to change it and it got a bit messed up. Hoping it looks better (and bigger) now.

  3. I'm trying to walk or bike everyday in Cody. Today I walked slong the Shoshone River.

    1. I'll be interested to virtually visit Cody via your blog this summer. I've never been there and always wanted to go!

  4. What a beautiful location. Great photos.

  5. Love your photos, so many shades of green. Planning to take a walk today before the rains come.

    1. I must say, May and June in Chicago are absolutely heavenly-- green & lush, with everything blooming and new. As for the rest of the year, though, well, it's a good reason to full-time RV!

  6. I remember, as a little girl in Chicago, going to those big parks for family get togethers almost every weekend when weather permitted. Softball games, picnics and just hanging out. Aunts, uncles, cousins grandparents, parents and brothers and sisters. A whole day. I also remember making wreaths for our heads as little girls out of clover blossoms.
    Now, when I see large Mexican families here in San Miguel having a Sunday gathering, I immediately am transported to my childhood in Chicago! Thanks for the photos!

    1. That sounds like quite a wonderful time! Well, today, I still see large family gatherings at the forest preserves on Sunday afternoons--- usually large Mexican families, but sometimes other ethnic backgrounds as well. It's great that Chicago has one of the largest urban parks systems in the country and that this fine tradition can continue!


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