Saturday, May 10, 2014

What a surprise in my mailbox today!

A little over a month ago, as I was going through all of my Big Bend National Park photos, I happened to get a promo email from to enter their Favorite Places contest.  All you had to do was submit a campground review and attach a few photos to it, and boom, you were entered!


I enjoyed and used a few years ago when the site first launched, but admittedly, I had gotten rather lazy about continuing to post campground reviews there (or even on their competitor’s site, the old-school, mobile app-less

But I was immediately impressed when I logged back in to  They’ve made a number of website and iOS mobile app improvements lately, and the site is much more engaging and fun to use.  Best of all, it allows users to add photos to their reviews, and provides this outstanding user profile view to easily see all of a reviewer’s past photos and reviews on a neat map view.  Cool!

RVParking profile

So, I uploaded a few of my photos from my visit to Big Bend’s Rio Grande Village campground, and didn’t give it a further thought.

To my complete amazement, two weeks ago,  I got an email from saying that one of my photos had been chosen as the Runner Up winner to their Favorite Places contest!  Wow, I never win anything!!!  There had not been any prizes announced for the runners up (that I was aware of), but they mentioned an America The Beautiful one-year National Parks Pass, and that sounded like an absolutely fabulous gift for this photo-bug RVer!

Today, I received my prize package, and was delightfully surprised at the extra goodies they included-- besides the Parks pass, they also included a $50 Shell gift card and a “Top Reviewer” magnetic bumper sticker!   I was also really touched and impressed by the care and personalized way in which it was presented.  Thanks Beth, and thanks!


Browsing reviews on the site is available to anyone, and they also have free mobile iPhone and iPad apps for iOS that you can download from the Apple AppStore as well.

But joining the site (it’s free) allows you to go one step further and create your own profile to publish reviews and photos. Beth mentioned that they’ll be running periodic contests like this in the future, so I encourage you all to sign up and start adding your reviews and photos!  

What a fun way for us all to share useful campground information and inspirational photos with each other!




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  1. I had never heard of that site.

  2. I have that app on my phone. Congrats on winning for your photo.

  3. Excellent! Love your photos, so not surprised to see you get some rewards!

  4. Congrats! I haven't been RV'ing yet and am looking forward to it. Thanks for the info on this site!

  5. Congratulations. You deserve the win, your photos are fabulous. I have never heard of this site, thanks for the info. Your prizes are pretty neat.

  6. Congrats!! Will look into this site..

  7. Congratulations. I have that site listed on my blog list of important RV links too.
    Traveling with the Longdogs (Blog)

  8. Congratulations. Lynne! Happy for you! And thanks for the tip on this app; will check it out!

  9. Congratulations. Since most of us living in Mexico don't have fancy phones, the app doesn't help most of us but I think your gift is one of those things that keeps on giving!

  10. Congratulations Lynne!! If they based second place on only the photos, I am amazed, because I can't imagine pictures being any better. Yours are always the best. Absolutely beautiful. Keep them coming, really appreciate seeing them,

  11. That's really exciting, Lynn! Congratulations! I joined that site, too, when it started. I like that you won some things that are really useable, like the pass and the gas card. Good deal! :)

  12. Your review was fair, honest and balanced. You covered many details in a skillful manner. You deserved the reward.


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