Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Month of Daily Purple Posts (for #GynCAN)

There’s a new purple ribbon displayed on the WinnieViews banner today.  Purple is the awareness color for all combined gynecologic cancers, and September is our month to promote Gynecologic Cancer Awareness.

I missed the A-to-Z Blogger Challenge last April due to a cancer diagnosis that turned my world upside down.  So, what better way to make up for it than by doing the new #GynCAN Challenge – a post a day during September to raise gynecologic cancer awareness.


Now before faces start to wince, and eyes begin to roll…hear me out on this!

Yeah, I know you’d rather see some pretty travel pictures, and read stories of my RV travel adventures.  Who the heck wants to read about cancer?  Let alone every damn day for a whole month!  Queue up Debbie Downer….delete….delete…..DELETE!!!

Well, here’s the thing.  Today, in America, 270 new women are having their lives turned upside down.  They’re being told for the first time they have a gynecologic cancer.  By the end of this month, a staggering 8,100 new women will be added to our ranks….even more scary, about 1 out of every 3 of us will die from this disease.

Think it can’t happen to you (or a sister, mother, wife, daughter, or granddaughter you love)?  Yeah…. I used to think that too.

But here’s the good news…and it’s pretty damn cool! 

For those 270 women being diagnosed today, there are another 270 women (just like me) who are writing their first blog post for the #GynCAN Challenge, or sharing a post on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, or doing anything else they can think of to raise awareness and finally SLOW….THIS….TIDE! 

Now let’s say each of us has 100 readers, followers, or friends who will share these posts with their friends (and they share with their friends)….think of the power that could bring?!!!

Maybe a tidbit you share from one of these posts will prompt your mom or favorite aunt to get those silly minor post-menopausal symptoms checked out before they become painful, or convince your wife or daughter to find out why that persistent bloating problem won’t go away, or encourage a friend to get their pre-teen kids vaccinated to prevent them from getting certain kinds of common below-the-belt cancers.

Would potentially helping the women & girls you love with such life-saving information be worth continuing to read (and share) my #GynCAN posts for the next 30 days?

I hope so!  I promise to slip a few RV travel pics and updates into the mix too if I can, but we’ve got the rest of the year for that.  We only have September for #GynCAN, and this is what it’s all about--

GynCAN Mission


  1. Thank you for bringing this to the forefront. I'm an endometrial cancer survivor of nearly 18 years!

    1. That's sweet music to my ears Gale! Congratulations! Any tips for us newbie endometrial survivors?

  2. Great post. I will do a link to this page from my next blog post. But really, a vaccination for pre teens to prevent certain below the belt cancers? Never ever heard of that before.

    1. Precisely why this month's awareness campaign is so important! The vaccine is for HPV, a leading cause of cervical, vulvar, vaginal, penile, anal, and other cancers-- http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/who/teens/infographic/hpv-cancer-prevention.html

  3. Look forward to learning something new.


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