Friday, September 4, 2015

Save a Sister – Share these charts!

Do you know the risk factors or early-warning signs for gynecologic cancers?  Didn’t think so.  Well, fear not! Here are 2 quick-reference charts to share with all the women in your life.

First, this high-level symptoms chart from the CDC. 


If you have noticed any of the above symptoms occurring longer than 2 weeks, call your gynecologist to get examined and tested.  Chances are it is something far less worrisome than cancer, but if not, catching these cancers as early as possible is absolutely critical to your survival.

Note that this chart is just a high-level starting point-- to learn all possible symptoms for each cancer, visit the CDC link above, or one of these sites from the GynCAN website.

Risk Factors

About 100,000 women in the U.S. are diagnosed with a gynecologic cancer each year.  This number can potentially be reduced if more women know the risk factors and take action, where possible, to minimize them.

To help in that goal, GynCAN has just published a new matrix of Female Cancer Risk Factors—collecting the data from multiple leading cancer websites onto this one single chart (the full-size JPG and PDF files are available for free download from the GynCAN website).

Female Cancer Risk Factors

  Share these charts with the women and girls you love.  You may just save somebody’s sister some day!

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  1. I had a lot of the signs and checked it out with a gyne. Luckily, all negative. Good news as hubby and I hit the road in 2016. I have a dear friend who is challenged with Ovarian Cancer.


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