Friday, January 13, 2012

The Beautiful Birds of Bosque

I loved the few hours I spent at Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge last winter (and got some great photos that day), so I was eager to return again this year.  I had hopes of spending more time there this time, but had too many work obligations to tend to, so could only spare a couple hours away one afternoon.  What an afternoon it turned out to be though!  Again, some wonderfully photogenic birds greeted my camera lens.

The snow geese crowded themselves together again on a pond just outside the refuge road.

Hoping someone can tell me what kind of hawk this is—sure was a pretty one!


Next up, were the signature Sandhill Cranes that Bosque is known for.  There again did not seem to be huge numbers of them here (mid-January is a bit past their peak), but there were plenty of them strutting around waiting for their photos to be taken!






I then stopped at the duck pond to get a few shots.  I recognized the Mallards, but couldn’t quite identify the others.  Judy Bell—can you help?


Another incredible day at Bosque!


  1. Pintails, mallards, and a Northern shoveler. I'm not sure about the hawk. Don't have time to key it out right to work.

  2. thanks Judy! I knew you'd be able to easily identify these pretty creatures! Hope you can make it out to Bosque one day-- it's quite a place!


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