Sunday, January 29, 2012

Taking a Run to the Border


At the rally last weekend, Steve from Tucson recommended I take a trip to explore Patagonia Lake State Park about 70 miles south of Tucson near the Mexican border.  What a great idea!


I was able to reserve a nice paved site with hookups overlooking the lake and after finishing up work each day, Millie would get a walk down to the boat ramp at the lagoon to go swimming.  She was in full approval of this park!


The lagoon has an interesting arched footbridge that we walked over and happened to get a cool shot of a family on their fishing boat as they passed beneath us:

On Saturday, we headed out to explore the dirt Forest Service roads that lace the Patagonia Mountains just east of Nogales along the Mexican border.


The mountains in the distance are in Mexico!


Of course, lots of Border Patrol agents on these roads as well.  No illegals spotted today!


It was a perfect “hang your head out the window” sunny day for Millie!

The last couple of miles before the actual border, the mountains recede into an interesting grassy savannah that almost looks a bit like Africa (except we’ve got cattle and horses instead of safari animals!)


We drove west into the town of Nogales (Arizona side) to get gas and see the actual border crossing, but didn’t have enough time or nerve to cross today.

Instead, we headed back to the Lake for a sunset paddle in our Sea Eagle FastTrack kayak.  Lots of interesting birds on the lake, but I only had my point-n-shoot so didn’t get zoomed in as much as I wanted.


A great relaxing weekend was had by all!



  1. What a nice sunset view at your site.

    1. love these AZ sunsets...just amazing colors!

  2. Looks like a nice park, I hope to be in that area next month.

    1. You'd love Patagonia, Teri. Also be sure to stop in Bisbee and Tombstone-- I explored those 2 towns last year and they were great!

  3. That Millie is one lucky gal! I LOVE that pic of her in the rear view mirror, and the other one with her head propped up on the kayak. What a life! Glad you are having fun!


    1. Millie had a wonderful weekend....poor baby has a rough week coming up though-- the 2 Chicago vets advised she should get her toe amputated out here in AZ rather than do radiation (for the cancerous mast cell tumor removed from her paw in December). So, we're going for a consult this week. That's why I wanted her to have an extra-special nice weekend.

  4. What a beautiful area! Love the photos of Millie in the kayak, she looks like one happy pup. :)

    1. yes, indeed. Anytime she's around water, she's happy!

  5. My Arizona camping was started at this lake. And to think I haven't been there is years. Just might have to hit this winter before I head back to the White Mountians for the summer.
    Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I visited Patagonia Lake SP about 30+ years ago, glad to say it's still beautiful! Thanks for the lovely photographs!

  7. Oh and good luck to Millie and the vet! Please give her a big hug from us and the Hound Herd! Our furkids love riding heads out the window too, that was my favorite photo of the day1

  8. Great photos and wonderful campsite.

    Could you share the type of camera you use! Mine just died:(

    1. Hi Contessa:
      Most of my casual blog photos are taken with my point-and-shoot, a Canon S90. Excellent camera due to it's larger sensor size, yet still very small and pocketable. The better photos are taken with my DSLRs-- either a Canon 5D or Canon Digital Rebel T3i. A few have even been taken with my iPhone!

  9. Nice to visit your blog again. Looks like you are having fun. Looks like a wonderful place to be!


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