Monday, January 16, 2012

First weekend in Tucson


I setup camp for the weekend at my favorite place in the Tucson area, Gilbert Ray Campground on the west edge of town in the Tucson Mountain Park.  Just love the Sonoran desert here:



Even though the sun struggled to come out on Saturday, I wanted to get the Tracker back onto a nice off-road trail somewhere, so I headed off to the trail called the “Back way to Mt. Lemmon”


It started out as a pretty fun little trail, but after a few miles, I saw a sign saying that the top 5 miles of the trail were now closed for winter (making it impossible to reach the summit and the paved road that leads back into the city), so I had to turn around and head back down.

We spent the rest of the weekend investigating potential RV parks nearby my client’s office.  None of them ended up thrilling me all that much, so I decided to go with “Plan B” and stay at a nice pet-friendly hotel during the week.  Millie is thrilled to have a King sized bed to stretch out on!

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  1. Thank you for this blog. I've never made it out to the Sonoran Desert, but these pictures inspire me to take a trip out there. It looks like a fun trip. If you're ever in need for campground ideas, check out They list campground from all over the United States as well as travel destinations, shows and rallies. Its a neat little planning tool for the RV camper.


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