Monday, January 27, 2014

Horses of the Isla


Here on the Isla de la Piedra (Stone Island), there’s much more to see than just pretty sunrises and magical sunsets.  There are caballos (horses) here too!  Most work their days hauling tourists around on beach horseback riding tours


A few others have to work even harder by pulling carriages.  This one is pulling a load of palm fronds..


while this one must pull a heavy load of tourists back and forth between the dock and a beach restaurant.  Fortunately, the driver sings wonderful Mexican songs to his horse to keep him (and the tourists) in good spirits!


In between jobs, the horses get shuttled to their daytime resting spot down the road from the RV park.  Sometimes they need to be shown the way-- 


Other times, they don’t need much guidance at all!


Good thing, because the kid driving the carriage guiding them along wasn’t up for much navigating!


If a horse isn’t working, the Isla vaqueros (cowboys) have a unique way of exercising them…via ATV!


New foals get special training on Isla life by their mamas.  First they learn the fine art of casually sauntering through an RV park.  RVers will want to take lots of pictures of them and give them carrots!


Next, they learn how to swim and walk through the surf.  Waves can seem pretty tall when you’re just a wee little one!



Luckily, the lessons don’t last long and they can follow mama back to the nice, safe beach…


Sunday is usually a day of rest for both the vaqueros and the caballos.  The horses get to lounge around in the cool dirt beneath the palm trees.



A few horses get used for daily transportation.  This horse takes his owner to work in the morning, hangs out next to the restaurant where he works, and then takes him home at night.  Not such a bad life!


Every evening, the horses trot past the RV park out to the beach where they then make their way to their evening resting area a few miles down the beach in the coconut plantation.


At sunrise, a lone vaquero begins slowly moving the herd back up the beach for another work day, but not until they stop a few places to graze first.  If one must be a working horse, this would sure seem the best place to do it!




  1. Brilliant, Lynne! gorgeous pictures and the narration .... like a picture book! easy on the eyes ...

    1. I shared this on my FB group... would love to have you join us! ... I know you're having way too much fun to spend any more time on FB ... but a lot of women want to do what you're doing ...

  2. I love the photos. The last one is beautiful.

  3. Wow, such gorgeous pictures!! I agree with Teri, that last one looks like a painting! These make Assateague look like a petting zoo, huh?

  4. Considering the weather up north, you and Millie are in the right place! That last picture is superb. I worked with horses at a riding stable in my past. They are great animals.

  5. I have to concur. That last picture is beautiful! This reminds me of my dad's stories of riding his horse to school each day and swimming in a canal, with the horse as diving board, on the way home.

  6. Lynne I love this post. You have a such a special talent in putting your posts together. Great way you have of creating a blog by collecting photos on one subject and telling a story.

  7. Fabulous post. I think I would be hard pressed to leave that RV park. Open skies, beautiful beach, magnificent horses and great photos. Love it while being envious.

  8. I really enjoy your blog. Lovely pics.

  9. Great pix, as always, Lynne!

  10. Great photos, Lynne! Looks like I missed a lot of what you captured.


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