Monday, January 6, 2014

Morning Walks on the Isla

Like clockwork, Millie (and the roosters that live behind the RV park) wake me up at the crack of dawn.  I’ve never been a morning person, and in Chicago, the limit of my morning physical activity used to be stumbling down the stairs, to open the back door for Millie to go out.  But here on the Isla, where mornings are usually sunny in the low 60’s, and an infinitely long sandy beach is just right outside my doorstep, it’s nearly impossible not to be motivated to take a nice long walk on the beach as soon as we wake up.

We see many of the same people (and their dogs) on our daily walks—a middle-aged Mexican lady with a cute yellow puppy who loves to play with Millie;  a younger guy with an ugly-looking (but friendly) pitbull, and a local couple with a veritable menagerie of 5 or 6 tiny Chihuahuas.  As colorful as these folks are, out of respect for their early morning privacy, I don’t photograph them (as I sure wouldn’t want my ugly “bedhead” showing up on their blogs!).  So, I photograph the sunrise instead…
The sun rises at what appears to be the southern tip of the beach, however, the beach continues on for miles beyond this point, virtually completely uninhabited.
Some mornings start out cloudy, but the sun usually always still finds a way to poke through the clouds to provide plenty of visual inspiration.
Even with fewer clouds in the sky, the sunrises here can be quite magical!
Our goal is usually to walk to the abandoned white house at the far end of our stretch of the beach (which makes about a 2 1/2 mile walk round-trip). 
Along the way, we usually find some interesting stuff in the sand…
I’m still hoping to find baby sea turtles some day soon (like Contessa recently found on one of her walks)!  In the meantime, I’m content to look at all the fishing boats…
and the fishermen hard at work pulling in their nets with the morning’s fresh catch..

A variety of sea-faring birds are always scurrying around each morning looking for their breakfast.  The gulls patrol the shoreline just ahead of the surf…
usually finding very little that has not already been picked over by hundreds of earlier birds.  But every once in a while, one hits the jackpot and finds a treasure!
Even a Great Blue Heron can occasionally be seen fishing these shores!
But the rulers of the roost around here are the pelicans.  Some mornings, they’ll fly for miles looking for a good fishing spot..
When they find one…it’s Kamikaze time!
Unless the free, all-you-can-eat seafood buffet is in town, then all they have to do is line up!
They seem to do exactly as we humans do after a big feast…just unzip their pants and fall asleep for awhile!
What a way to start the day!


  1. Okay, this post was SO amazing that I was forced to break down and create a Google account, just so I could finally comment! I especially LOVE the Kamikaze and all you can eat seafood buffet?

    I think it is so wonderful how you have settled into the rhythm of the sun....just as nature intended.


  2. Hi Lynn,
    I'm enjoying catching up on your blog. Congrats on retirement! You sure are doing it right - packed up and hit the road! You probably picked THE best destination. We're feeling a bitter cold blast even in the deep south of Louisiana - can't imagine what it would be like in Chicago. Enjoy the warmth of Mexico and thanks for sharing it all with us!

    Breaux Bridge, LA

  3. The sea is inspirational. Your pictures have done a great job in capturing its magic! I love the ever changing dynamics of the ocean, be it Mexico, California, Florida, Costa Rica, you name it, It's all wonderful. Keep it! Margie

  4. Very nice post, indeed! Beautiful pics.

  5. Fabulous post, great photos, love the lighting. I need a new camera!

  6. As I mentioned previously, stay there as long as you can.

  7. Stunning photographs, Lynne... what a gorgeous way and place to wake up... sigh

  8. Beautiful beautiful pictures. You inspire me!


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