Sunday, January 19, 2014

Millie’s Birthday on the Beach

January is not the ideal time to have a birthday when you’re a water-loving swimming dog.  Poor Millie has usually spent her birthdays trudging through the snow of Chicago. The one year she did get to spend it in a warmer place, was the year she had to endure cancer treatments and surgery in Arizona.  Not much fun at all!

So this year has finally been her reward!  Not only a birthday on the beach, but a couple months of daily walks, swims, and play with new friends too!

Her 9th birthday started with a nice long walk at sunrise this morning.  Happy, happy dog!


The view the other direction wasn’t too shabby either with the moon starting it’s descent over Mazatlan.


Next, it was time to say “hola” to a few of her beach buddies.  Her favorite is this little blonde Mexican puppy owned by a sweet lady who lives down at the far end of the beach.


Then it was time greet her other Lab friends owned by one of the fellow RVers.


Back home, after a nice big birthday breakfast, it was time for her daily morning siesta out on the patio.  A few days ago, the 2 black dogs next door, Buzz and Angel, taught Millie a new trick.  When the midday sun starts hitting your dog bed, rather than endure the hot, direct sun (as Millie had been doing), they retreat to the nice cool shade under their RV.


So Millie has now started doing that too.  Only problem is Millie’s RV doesn’t have quite as much headroom, so it’s a pretty tight squeeze!


It was time to open presents in the afternoon.  Yeah, a new rubber “camping ball” (a great toy for sand, dirt, or desert campsites when Frisbee playing is not ideal)


Here’s her full haul of birthday loot—some fetching balls and a bag of Blue Buffalo bones.


Oh course, the bones needed to be taste-tested right away.  Guess they’ll do just fine!


Much tastier than the fake hamburger squeaky toy she’d been gnawing on previously!


We took the new toys down to the beach for some playtime and they were plenty fun and all…but…just not quite as much fun as her beloved beach stick (that she’s been playing with daily since Suzanne found it for her last month).

That stick was the result of an exhaustive search one afternoon.  The first stick had been too big (yes, Millie can actually retrieve campfire logs!)


The next stick had been too long…


But the third stick Suzanne found, turned out to be just right, and it has now become her most prized possession here on the Isla!


So off we went with her beach stick for an afternoon swim!


For dinner, we headed down to one of the restaurants on the beach to watch the sunset.  Some young local girls at the next table came over to pet Millie and wished her a “feliz cumpleaños”!


The sunset was a delightful end to Millie’s perfect day!


Now, how on earth will I ever get this dog to leave the Isla?!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Millie.. looks like a PERFECT day!!

  2. Oh, that makes me tear up!! I can't believe Millie has managed to hang on to "The Stick" after all this time. What fun she had on her birthday! It looks like one to remember....not only for Millie, but for Millie's Mom too!

    Happy, Happy Birthday, my swim friend!!

  3. Great story, lovely pup. She is one happy doggie! What a life you live!

  4. Happy Birthday Millie... so enjoyed reading about your time at the beach.

  5. Boy Millie you beauty, you are a lucky lucky dog. I'd sure like to have my birthday right where you are. Great pictures of your birthday day and party.

  6. You found the perfect place to spend your 9th birthday Millie. You have a very special Mom who loves to spoil you. Lynne your photos are all wonderful but I love the one of Millie shaking the water off after her swim.

  7. Millie looks like she is just a wonderful friend and companion. I love her.

  8. Happy Birthday Millie and many more to come! Loving your blog posts Lynn, keep em coming :-D

  9. So glad to have your blog to read. You and Millie are blessed to have each other. Great photos and great fun. See you in San Miguel, if and when you get here!

  10. Hello, I just found your blog (from the Good Luck Duck). It looks like Millie had a wonderful birthday, and this is a great and informative blog. I was surprised to see that you are staying on Stone Island. I was an exchange student in Mazatlan in '98 and I visited there a few times (by ferry). I loved Mazatlan, I'm sure you are having fun. I will have to take a look around your blog a bit more. I hope you and Millie have a great time.

    1. Sorry I thought it would leave my name- I'm Jenny.

    2. What an absolutely perfect Dog Birthday. Happy Birthday Millie! It looks like you had a GREAT time. :)

  11. She sure looks like a happy camper indeed

  12. Ahh, I love Millie.... even though I've never met her....I just know she is special.
    Your jungle trip looked wonderful !


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