Saturday, April 12, 2014

K = Krisis at the Karnivore Kafe’


Hello Everyone!  Millie here, the kanine half of the WinnieViews team.  I don’t have much time, so my message will be brief (snuck the human’s komputer away from her tonight when she wasn’t looking!).

If any of you happen to see me at a kampground someday soon, please, PLEASE could you share some of your spare Chikin with me?  I’ve not had any in awhile, and I’m getting rather desperate!

3-Cows-lg copy

You see, my human is one of those darn plant eaters!  Even though she gives me a couple of big bowls of dog food every day (including some fancy canned dog food with real meaty stew), I’ve now tasted the real deal, and well, this canned stuff is just NOT the same!

When we were in Texas not too long ago (gosh, are dogs lucky to live there surrounded by all that BBQ meat!!!), we were traveling with this very nice lady who saw me sitting outside my rolling doghouse looking sad one day.


She asked if I’d like to come over to her place some time for some special treats (as long as I kept quiet and didn’t let my human know).  Heck yeah, I would!!!

Well, it turns out, this nice lady was a dog’s absolute dream!  She didn’t seem to eat anything except real, honest-to-goodness meat!!!  The night she invited me over, she was cooking up a whole grill full of nothing but chikin!  Row after row of the stuff!!! Even with bar-b-que sauce on top!


She asked me if I’d like to try some, and I then had to admit that, in all my 9 years, I’d never tasted any of the real stuff before.   She gave me an astonished look and said “well, just step right inside the karnivore kafe’ you poor, deprived, little yellow dog! I’ll fix you right up!”


From that night on….I was hooked!!!

Whenever I’d see her out walking around her kampsite, I would trot over to say “hi” and see what kafe’ kreations were on the menu that day.  She almost always had something delicious to offer! 

One day, we shared some blue corn chips…


Another day, I followed my new best friend up to the Internet Kafe’ and almost got a bite of her ice cream sandwich (before my mean human nixed the plan).


On another afternoon, I saw her out at the picnic table and raced over as fast as I could to see what \what was cookin.  Just as she reached into her goody bag, we heard our names being yelled..


We turned around and froze in place, but it was too late.  We’d been…BUSTED!!!


The day I saw the nice lady pull her karnivore kafe’ up behind my doghouse, I feared this might be my very last chance for one final fleshy hit of the good stuff.  I made a fast dash to her door…


and she quickly escorted me inside to the prized contraband.  She carefully opened the tin foil to reveal…half of the very last chikin breast on board! And she let me eat it all!!!


Ever since that day, whenever I see a big white RV pull up next to us, I try to ask politely if they might have any spare chikin to share, but so far, nobody has given me a darn thing.

So, I’m now at the point of desperation!  Please, everyone!  Anyone!!! 







  1. Oh, Millie, you crack me up! I have never seen a dog get so excited that all four paws left the ground at the same time whenever a refrigerator opened. We will have to work in a "summer Karnivore Kamp" where you can come back for a visit, and I will introduce you to some REAL meat....Texas T-Bones! Until then, don't forget me, my furrry friend! Miss you! Aunt Suz

    1. Millie is ready to hop the next train to come live with you this summer. All she's been giving me the past month are dirty looks!

  2. Millie, I'm so glad that you finally had an opportunity to take the advice of those Chic-Fil-A cows and git yerself sum chikin'! Here's to many more happy visits to the Karnivore Kafe!

    1. Now there's an idea-- I'll drop Millie off at the drive-thru lane of the nearest collection of fast-food joints with her "Need Mor Chikin" sign. Might never have to buy her all that fancy dog food ever again!

  3. Millie looks so much like my dog Flash, who was my co-pilot for 16 years, that I did a double take! If and when you and Millie get back to San Miguel, it will indeed be chikin for Millie and whatever for us!

  4. Sorry Millie, you won't get anything from me. People food, that is. I have lots of dog treats on board, though, so if I see you, I'll definitely give you some of those. They are really GOOD. Katie doesn't get people food, either, but she loves her treats. Doesn't you mom give you treats? :)

  5. For such a cuteheart like you, I'll dish out anything!

  6. This is a cute post...I love it! (


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