Friday, April 18, 2014

P = Pulled In and Parked


After leaving the Checotah Flying J, we had a warmer sunnier driving day through northeast Oklahoma and southwestern Missouri.  Incredibly, after taking over 7,000 photos this winter, I took zero on this day!  Missed a few really good shots too, like the full-sized bald eagle perched atop a small, wobbly tree right alongside the highway near Muskogee.  So strange to see one so close to the highway, on a much smaller tree than you usually see them in!

A few hours later, I was cruising along northeast of Tulsa and happened to look over at cattle grazing in a field.  There was something a bit odd within the herd, though, and as I got closer, I recognized them as three full-sized camels!  They were just grazing right alongside their bovine brothers as if it was just a perfectly normal thing to do!

But beyond those two momentary oddities, the day’s drive was fairly ho-hum.  The Interstate routes through Missouri and Illinois are exceedingly familiar, and as a result, the vistas just don’t inspire me the way other places do!

We had an uneventful, quiet night at the Wal-Mart parking lot near Ft. Leonard Wood, MO and continued on to Chicago the next day.  The only photos I took were out of sheer boredom in St. Louis as I sat in a long, slow-moving backup of trucks waiting to get onto the bridge across the Mississippi river!


I arrived back to my house after dark, pulled the Winnie (with Tracker still attached) right into the center of the driveway and parked.  After over 3 months and over 5,000 miles, we were back to our “non-mobile” home again.

We will stay parked here for the next few months as I work to get the house listed and sold this summer.  After that, the world is our oyster!





  1. Oh, how I love a great road trip...I don't know if I could have passed those camels...I love camels! (

  2. Funny that you saw camels. During one of the World Wars, they trained camel troops in the Hill Country of Texas. Camp Verde is the town and it is as picturesque as any place I've ever been. I think Teddy Roosevelt was president, whenever that was.!
    I'm envious that you will soon be footloose and fancy free to see the world with Millie in the Winnie. Way cool!

  3. Wishes for a speedy sale of your house and no problems with it. Can't wait to read about more adventures - even at home!

  4. Good luck selling your house - the market is getting better, so this might be a good time! :)

  5. Hmmm. Not sure what to think about these tales of eagle and camel sightings without photographic evidence. LOL.

    Hope you continue to post even though you are off the road for a bit. I think hearing the nuts-and-bolts of downsizing in order to see a home is interesting to most of us - full-timers or some-timers.

  6. Eagle in a small tree and camels with cows--what's the world coming to? Best wishes for a speedy sale on your home. The best is yet to come!

  7. Whoo! Snip those ties! Congratulations, and good luck!

  8. Best of luck for a speedy sale and return to the road! We've taken delivery of the new carouse and are working on getting it ready for the first week of June when we'll head west. Hope to catch up with you again on the road somewhere!


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