Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S = Sunshiny Earth Day


The Sun shined all day today for Earth Day in Chicago!  I had planned to go take a hike, but after seeing a hiking event listed for this weekend that I want to go to, I decided focus my energies on the backyard today instead.  I want to keep the “Big Mo” ball rolling on this house project!

I’m now happy to report that the fence gate is fixed, the loose twigs and branches have been gathered for mulching, and a nice big bag of “Millie compost” has been collected from the yard!  The forecast is still rather cool here for the next week, so I’ll need to wait a bit longer to spruce up the plant beds with new flowers and mulch, but other than that, the backyard is now pretty much done and ready for sale! 

How did you celebrate Earth Day?


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  1. I'm visiting from A to Z. As soon as I figure out here your follow button is, I'll be following. We're fairly new to RVing and tHis summer will take our first extended road trip. So far we've only traveled around Oregon. I look forward to reading your adventures and learning from your experiences.

  2. Switched from my iPad to my laptop and found the follow button. Looking forward to reading about your adventures with your RV.

  3. welcome aboard #1Nana! Oregon is a gorgeous place-- what a great way to get initiated!

  4. I spent it by working in the garden as well and clearing up the weeds around the rose garden. Looking forward to seeing them bloom soon.

    Sean at His and Her Hobbies.

  5. I spent it recycling envelopes as I dealt with 6 months of mail.


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