Thursday, August 26, 2010

Two Rivers

After getting my desired moonrise shots in Kewaunee, I was ready to move on down the road 20 miles to the “larger” twin cities of Two Rivers and Manitowoc, WI, grand total population of about 50,000.

Two Rivers had a Passport America campground that was also only $15/night, so it seemed like an easy decision. 


Stop-N-Dock Marina and RV Park was certainly nothing fancy—about 18 RV spaces on a gravel parking lot at a marina that had seen it’s better days a few decades ago.  The marina, in fact, looked barely functional—algae and a few old boat trailers blocked the boat ramp, and a few old dry-docked boats looked as if they had not moved since the Nixon administration.

But all that said, the owners were a friendly elderly couple, and fellow RV’ers were all low-key and quiet.  The park was also right in town and an easy bike ride to the grocery store, farmer’s market, and other shops downtown.  So, it served my purposes just fine as a temporary workplace.


Millie had ample swimming spots to choose from—we first tried the beach along Lake Michigan, but for some reason, the beaches here and at Point Beach State Forest have a terrible problem with biting sand flies in August.  So, on our second night, we headed for the West Twin river instead.

As “no frills” as Stop-N-Dock was, it did have some pretty spectacular sunsets over the river!

IMG_2408 IMG_2436 IMG_2453

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