Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend Getaway into the U.P.


So, if you work all week from your RV at a city campground, where does one go for the weekend to get away?   A small, remote campground in the National Forest.

After doing a bit of internet searching, I picked one spot in Ottawa National Forest in the Michigan Upper Peninsula that looked like it might be quiet and offer some peaceful paddling opportunities.

Millie and I arrived at Imp Lake and lucked into an idyllic site right on the shore (one of my most-favorite campsites ever).

We just barely had enough time to park and eat dinner when the monsoon arrived!  Thank goodness, the pine trees sheltered us from the high winds .

The next morning started out foggy, but the sun soon began to burn it off--


I pumped up the SeaEagle, and went out for a morning paddle around the lake.


Ah tranquility! I had the lake completely to myself (except for a couple of resident loons who were busy doing their morning fishing).  Not one other man-made sound except for that of my paddle.


In the afternoon, Millie and I went for a hike into the forest and discovered an abundance of vividly colored moss and mushrooms:

IMG_1899 IMG_1887 IMG_1897 IMG_1902 IMG_1907 IMG_1913

After getting Millie her required daily swim, I took the boat out one more time for a sunset paddle:


Soon after sunset, the moon began to set right behind the pine trees and the loons began their wonderful echoing calls across the lake!


To cap off this wonderful weekend, Millie and I enjoyed our little LP campfire for a few minutes before calling it a night.


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