Sunday, January 16, 2011

Anza-Borrego to Yuma

My boondocking night in Anza-Borrego was so peaceful, I decided to backtrack north to Borrego Springs to do some scouting for the next winter I’m out here.  On my way into town, I spotted this little coyote out looking for it’s breakfast:

The park is massive and offers many areas to boondock for free.  One of the most popular areas is just east of town on Peg Leg Road and at Clark dry lake bed.  These areas offer flat parking with magnificent mountain views, strong Verizon signals, and only a 5 mile drive to town to restock supplies and dump tanks.  Take a look at the small white dot in this photo (click to view it larger)—it sure looks like a pretty sweet future boondocking site for me next year!
Although to be fair, I have heard that the winds whipping off those mountains can be pretty brutal at times, so not 100% paradise, but I think I’d still take the chance!  I hear that the desert wildflowers are pretty spectacular here in Feb/Mar as well.

After Borrego Springs, I took a scenic drive south through the park towards the town of Ocotillo.  Little did I know there was a major bicycle race going on with hundreds of riders, but fortunately, they were all going the opposite direction and traffic was fairly light.
Towards the south end of the park was a section called the Badlands.  Lots of off-road trails in that area that I really wished I had time (and a Jeep or ATV) to explore.  Another “to-do” for my next visit!
After getting down to I-8, I made fast tracks over to Yuma and up to the Imperial Dam LTVA that I planned to spend the week at.  The BLM has a few Long Term Visitor Areas in the southwest that provide water, trash, and dump facilities at some locations to make boondocking a bit easier for RV’ers. 

Some RVing friends I know have been spending their winters at Imperial Dam for the last couple of years, so I decided to come check it out.  My friend had mentioned excellent Verizon coverage there (which was indeed true), but unfortunately, no AT&T coverage, so I would not be able to work from there as I needed both.  But I still enjoyed the rest of the weekend there.  The moon was so bright that it seemed like daylight at night!  Millie and I also had a chance to enjoy the water at Senator Wash Reservoir—Millie did some swimming and I did some kayaking around the lake.  Lovely way to end the weekend!

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