Saturday, January 8, 2011

Week at Lake Havasu

Our first week of snowbirding got off to a good start.  We had cool but sunny days and a nice view of the lake from our RV site.  I had to work all week, so we spent most of each day in the motorhome, but around 4pm every day, it was warm enough to take Millie for a walk down to the lake.  The water was chilly, but that didn’t stop Millie from diving right in!


Once Millie had worn herself out, I’d head to the RV Park’s hot tub (much warmer than the lake!)--

I’d return to the motorhome to enjoy a nice dinner that had been simmering in the crock pot all day.  One night it was mushroom and barley soup (yum!) and another night I veered off my vegetarian diet momentarily to enjoy some slow cooker BBQ pork chops.

But the main reason I had come to Lake Havasu was to see the London Bridge.  So, one night I packed my camera and tripod on the back of my bike and rode about 2 miles to the bridge.  I thought it might be best just after sunset, and it didn’t let me down!  The bridge still had a few holiday wreaths and was simply magical to photograph! 

Looking at this little gondola next to the bridge, it was hard to believe we were out in Arizona rather than in Europe.  But I’m sure this scene looks a lot different during a busy Saturday or Sunday with hoards of boaters and jetskis whirling around.

Thankfully, we left town on Friday evening just as the hoards were starting to arrive! 

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