Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend at Joshua Tree

I left Lake Havasu to head west to California with the goal of camping at Joshua Tree National Park for the weekend.  Most campsites there don’t take reservations, so I was sure that arriving late on a Friday night, I might not get a very good camp site.  But, surprisingly, as I got to White Tank campground, most of the other sites had been occupied by tent campers, leaving the large and gorgeous site # 1 open for my RV!  The skies were clear and the stars were amazing, as were the “jumbo rocks” that surrounded the site, so I pulled out my tripod and big camera for this night shot!

With one exception, the campgrounds at the national park are limited to RVs under 25’ and to tent campers.  Guess this guy I saw parked at Wal-Mart with his 40+ foot 5th wheel and golf cart being towed by a heavy duty truck cab was not gonna fit into Joshua Tree! (seriously, do people think they just can’t survive in a smaller, more manageable rig?)


The next day was sunny and perfect for exploring the park’s native joshua trees, cholla cactus garden, and jumbo rock formations and petroglyphs:


An absolutely fabulous place to spend the weekend!  Love my View!


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! So pretty that they make me want to be back out west.

  2. Well, don't do that before seeing Europe first! Hope to see more gorgeous photos from you guys soon. p.s. happy birthday to Steve!

  3. I've been RV shopping, and will stay with something under 25'. I plan on going to alot of state and natl parks and wildlife recreational areas. I don't want the hassle of something bigger or towing a car.


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