Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sleeping with the Sandhills!

When preparing for this trip, I was fortunate to read blog posts from 2 full-time RV bloggers who had just been through Arizona.  One couple, Fred & Jo Wishnie, are avid bird watchers and spent New Year’s Eve boondocking at a wildlife area near McNeal, AZ to see the thousands of sandhill cranes that spend the winter here.  I’d never heard of Whitewater Draw, but did a few internet searches and was able to find my way to the small, dusty parking lot where you’re allowed to camp overnight for free.  Even though it was still very cold (in the 20’s), I wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity to do both dusk and dawn photo shoots of these fabulous birds.  They did not disappoint!
Yes, the last shot were not sandhill cranes, but rather, some Northern Pintail ducks who hung out in the smaller ponds adjacent to the cranes.

The previous day, on the drive down from Tucson, we drove through Tombstone & Bisbee.  Both towns looked like a lot of fun, but the RV park in Bisbee was sold out, so no opportunity to stay there this time around.  Will certainly explore it next time though!

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