Thursday, January 27, 2011

Back to Yuma to visit more RV friends

After my week in Quartzsite, I headed back down to Yuma again to re-stock the rig with food and water, find a spot with good AT&T cell coverage, and to visit some old T@B camping friends.  Success on all fronts!

I found a great BLM camping area behind the VFW Hall on Hwy 95 just a couple miles from Yuma.  Free camping for up to 14 days! Yeah!
But the only drawback was a bit of noise at times.  I expected the car traffic, but didn’t realize that a number of freight trains had to go thru that valley daily as well.  Still, the noise wasn’t all that bad until…mid-evening each night, some crop duster planes would buzz over as they worked on the large produce fields to the west of the campground.  So, it was the noise trifecta-- planes, trains, and automobiles!

On my first evening in Yuma, I met up with my T@B camping friends Terry & Gordie (who snowbird in Yuma each winter from Seattle), and Janet & Larry (who sold their T@B last year to become full-time RVers and spend their winters at Imperial Dam).  We had a nice dinner at a local Mexican restaurant and Janet pointed out a great laundromat they use in the same strip mall, so I put that on my to-do list for the week as well.   A few days later, I met up with Terry & Gordie again to eat out and see their RV park (nice peaceful place with lots of activity and friendly folks—no wonder they enjoy it there so much!).  Terry had also hoped to take me into the Mexican border town of Algadones as I’d never been to Mexico before, but I unfortunately forgot to bring my passport.  Something to do next year I guess!

Yuma was a great town.  I toured a few of the farm fields where they were just harvesting lettuce and it looked like quite a production.  Janet said these same fields are used in the fall to grow cotton when it gets too hot for produce.

I also found the Foothills neighborhood to be rather interesting.  It’s a series of lots with short brick wall fences.  Most lots have small casita homes or park models, but some lots are just driveways for RVs (up to 4 RVs can park in each lot, so many owners have set them up with concrete pads and full hook-ups and rent them out in the winter).  I’ll certainly be on the lookout for a deal next winter I’m here.

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