Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week in Tucson

Spectacular Gilbert Ray campground was my home for 7 days in Tucson.  It’s located on the west side of the city on the other side of Gates Pass in Tucson Mountain Regional Park.  Not much on this side of the mountains except acres and acres of large Saguaro cactus trees!

We actually had 2 stays here, separated by a weekend trip down to the Bisbee area to camp with the sandhill cranes (but I’ll cover that in the next post!).  I hadn’t been to Tucson in almost 10 years and was eager to get back to Saguaro National Park.  I’ll try to limit the number of cactus shots posted here, but I do love ‘em!

On my first weekend in town, I went down to visit the wonderful San Xavier Mission.  It’s a definite “must see” if you ever come to Tucson!
Each evening Millie and I would walk around the campground enjoying the wide variety of cactus plants.  While it was beautiful, it unfortunately turned pretty cold with nighttime lows into the teens.  Even though we were in the far southern end of Arizona like Yuma, we were at a higher elevation so it was actually warmer in Phoenix than in Tucson (ah, so that’s why there are so many snowbirders in Phoenix!  Can you tell I’m new at this?!!!)
Still, I enjoyed Gilbert Ray campground, and even got to see an RV from Europe traveling here (it was built on full-sized Ford Transit chassis and might very well be a glimpse of future View-Navion’s to come if Ford begins shipping these to the US).

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