Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dogs Can Write Blog Posts Too

In honor of today’s “D” topic for the A-to-Z Challenge, guest blogger Millie is writing tonight’s post!


Yes, dogs can write blog posts.  It’s not that difficult—why, I bet even a cat could do it!  I would write more often except that my mom is always hogging the computer, and I’m not very good with those silly “virtual” keyboards on the iPad (for some reason, the iPad touchscreen does not respond well to nose typists!).

Today, my Uncle Randy came over to play Frisbee with me in the backyard:


It was a lot more fun that a month ago when I had to hop through all this weird white wet stuff to catch a Frisbee—jeez, winter is for Malamutes, not us humble blonde Retrievers!


Today was the first day it was finally warm enough to sit and sniff the air through the patio screen door.  Now this is much more like it!


But still, what is it that my mother does not understand?  I am a SWIMMING dog!  It’s been 8 long months since I last swam Lake Michigan.  Eight months is simply too long to wait!  She keeps saying something about the water still being too cold.  Blah, blah, blah!  Does she not remember me swimming in Lake Superior last year?  Now THAT’S cold water!


So, I’m really hoping someone in this family will take me swimming….and soon!!!

I’ll continue to give her my “I’m done with Frisbee, can we please now go swimming?” look for a few more days…


But if that doesn’t work, I just may need to steal the keys when she’s not looking and drive myself to the beach!


Wish me luck!

p.s. if you’d like to follow along with my future posts, I’ve got a Facebook page (yes, dogs use Facebook too!).


  1. Millie is a great blogger and I hope she gets to go swimming soon too!


  2. Millie's not only gorgeous, she's a good writer! Hope you are riding the waves soon, Millie.

  3. Miss Dirona hasn't posted in a long time but she fully agrees with Millie about the swimming. She says we dogs who have double coats don't get cold like you naked humans. But she doesn't mind the cold white wet stuff too much. She isn't happy when it comes down in pellets tho.

  4. Millie, I hope she comes around soon.

  5. Hmph! No one agreeing with the careful, protective, dog mom here?!!! Why is everyone always on Millie's side! :-)


  6. Hey Millie, Duke sends a friendly bark and a huge tail wag your way ...... Thanks for your blog !!! Will check out your FB page ..... I am a Golden Retreiver .....


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