Friday, April 5, 2013

I’m now an Escapee


Tonight’s A-to-Z Challenge topic – becoming an escapee!

Venture into any RV park, and chances are you’re likely to find one, or maybe two.  They might be tucked into a far shadowy corner, hiding away from the faster-paced “transient” population.  They were probably once transients themselves, darting from park to park on a nightly basis, but they’ve become far too smart for that. They now prefer to lay low and move their little hide-away more slowly and much less often.

Who are these elusive and exclusive people?  Escapees, of course!

Picture 2

Uh, no.  Not those kinds of escapees!

RVer Escapees.  Those folks smart enough to leave vacation “frenzy-mode” travel permanently behind and live full-time in their RVs.


I signed up as a member last week and a big packet of membership materials arrived on my doorstep today, including my official member card! 

So, consider me now a card-carrying Escapee!

The club was founded in 1978 by Joe and Kay Peterson to fulfill three basic needs for full-time RVers:  Support (an array of services, and friendship of fellow RVers), Knowledge (via various events, seminars, magazines, and forums), and Parking (the club has a number of owned and affiliated RV parks that offer RV sites at a very low cost).  These three things together make the acronym S-K-P (or “Escapee”!).

New memberships are usually $70/yr, but if you’re a member of Passport America, Thousand Trails or others, your 1st year is discounted, and if you’re a member of the Good Sam Club (as I am), the first year is just $35-- this seemed like too good a deal to pass up!

I’ve not been to an Escapee RV park yet, but I’ve heard they are quite friendly with plenty of activities (granted, most might cater to their predominant demographic of “old geezer” RVers, but I guess I should be honest and admit that I’m not the youngest spring chic cruising down the highway anymore, so if I’m now old enough for an AARP card, I’m likely now an old geezer candidate myself!)

While the various events and “Birds of a Feather (BOF)” special interest sub-groups sound interesting (and I’m sure I’ll look into them further), I’m most curious to check out some of the Escapee parks and co-ops themselves to find a potential future “home base” (after a few years of full-time RVing when I might wish to settle in one place again for part or all of the year, yet still continue to live in my RV). 

Are there any other Escapee members out there?  Any feedback or recommendations for me on parks you’ve liked (or other aspects of the club)?


  1. Welcome to SKP, hope you can make the Escapade in Gillette, WY this year. Safe travels and a great big SKP Hug to you and Millie.

  2. Raccoon Valley was a nice park to be at to visit the Smokies. You might also like the SKP forums. You can get lots of help there with any questions you might have. Welcome fellow SKP!

  3. I had no idea! I've got friends who just recently bought an RV, so they aren't in the Escapee mindset yet, but I'll pass along this info for them to file away when the newness wears off a couple years down the road...
    dreaminofobx dropping by from the A to Z Challenge Things I See and Know

  4. Welcome to Escapees, I became a member before I became a full-timer. I used their mailing service to become a Texas resident. The only park I have stayed at was in Livingston. Parts of it are older, but I had a nice site at the end of the row under some trees, near the creek. Everyone was very friendly and I was there for Thanksgiving in 2011. I don't think any of the parks offer free wi-fi, but you probably have your own "mifi" connection.

  5. We just received our membership number too! TOTALLY excited...only we wait for our new mail service in SD to get it to us in IL :O) Hear the mag is so informative...good pick for your "E"!!!

  6. Welcome to the SKPs (also pronounced skips). Rainbow Plantation is my favorite park so far but I haven't been to nearly all of them. Do join the forums at You don't have to be a member of SKPs to join in there but now that you are a member you are welcome to come join our classless class in the Graduating to Fulltime section as well. We meet every January in Quartzsite so I tend to bounce between that group and the Skinny Winnie group but i spend more time with the SKPs. Hope to see you there next winter.

  7. Hey, Lynne. I'm slowly catching up on blog traffic. Sorry about your Mom. May the force be with you. Cool idea blogging alphabet letters. I'll be interested in your "rear" view of SKP in due course (long term experience, hindsight, etc). Be well!

  8. Welcome to Escapees. I joined last year and I don't even have an RV, yet. But if you haven't found it yet, the "Members" area on the website has a great discussion site on RV'ing. If you can't find an answer there, start a new thread and people with start providing you with answers. I hope you enjoy your membership and hope that I'll see you along the road...uh, after I get an RV.

  9. Hi Lynne. We joined Escapees in 1998 and started using the Mail Service a year before we became full timers to be sure we hadn't overlooked something. After a few years we bought a membership in the SKP co-op park in Aguanga, California. This is our home base when we aren't traveling. Hope you will come visit us. Just Google JOJOBA HILLS RV RESORT to see our web page, and be sure to click on "Take a Tour" and look at the gallerys to see what the "Geezers" do to keep busy. ; o )

    1. I sure do hope to visit Jojoba Hills someday. I drove past it a couple years ago but didn't have time to stop-- sure looks like a wonderful place though!


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