Saturday, April 13, 2013

Labor Day


Another catch-up post for the A-to-Z Challenge.

Saturday was unofficially dubbed “Labor Day” for the family to start tackling the immense job of sorting through my mom’s household possessions.  My stepsister and her husband (Holley & Mike) came to assist me and my brother.  I am my mom’s power of attorney, so any kind of documents got routed to me to determine if they needed to be responded to, saved, or trashed.  Holley focused on sorting through clothing and shoes, while the guys put their muscle into sorting the bigger/heavier stuff in the basement.

Endless decisions (keep? give to friend/family? donate? sell? recycling? trash? decide later?) that seemed daunting at first, became easier as the day wore on.  Some sadness, but lots of laughter as well whenever we’d come across an old photo or keepsake that prompted old family memories.

While, at times, we each took turns cursing “why on earth did she keep this old thing?” or “here’s another _____ “, we also were grateful and thrilled find treasures that we thought were long-lost. My brother found photos of the big “circle trip” he had taken around the U.S. 20 years ago.  Photos he had lost years ago and never dreamed he’d see again.  That was repeated with each of us finding similar personal mementos. 

I suppose that’s one of a mother’s most important jobs—to hang on to items that will become cherished by her children much later.  Thank you, Mom!

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  1. I never considered what you wrote in the last line. I still have some things for my daughter and she already has several boxes in her storage area. I thought I was doing good by not leaving her a mess to take care of.


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