Monday, April 29, 2013

Yoga Bear


Earlier this year, I started attending a weekly yoga class here in town.  I was encouraged by one of my older friends who said yoga was absolutely critical to her ability to maintain her body’s agility and flexibility.

So, I trotted my overweight “Tinman” body over to the Community Rec Center to see if the fine yoga instructor could turn it back into a youthful, svelte machine.

Well, the svelte part hasn’t happened just yet, and when Spring came, my fellow classmates decided to forego the gym for outdoor activities and our Spring yoga classes got cancelled.

Now, I try to practice my yoga moves at home on the living room floor.  I remember how to do most of the moves just fine and am able to get most of the same stretching benefits as before.  But there’s just one downside to my new yoga studio….


When Millie sees me laying on the floor, she hovers over to give me a quick inspection…

and then goes to bring me her Frisbee.


Yoga, schmoga….. it’s time to PLAY!


1 comment:

  1. Love it! My cat loves to come sniff my nose when I'm in downward dog, then she lies down right under me. She would probably bring me a frisbee if she could.


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