Friday, April 19, 2013



Today’s A-to-Z Challenge letter is Q for Quandary--

My brother’s girlfriend, Karen, flew in today from Colorado for the weekend family events (Mom’s funeral and burial).  He was fairly familiar with the drive down to Midway Airport to pick her up, so I didn’t bother to ride along and just let him go down there solo.

About the time she was to land, he called me in a panic—the expressway was closed due to river flooding from yesterday’s rains, so he had been re-routed through some neighborhood streets, which also turned out to have numerous flooded out spots.

Thank goodness I let him borrow my Subaru (with it’s GPS navigation) to continue re-routing him as he’d reach each impasse.  And, thank goodness Midway had a nice Potbelly’s sub sandwich for Karen to nibble on while she waited for her ride to arrive!

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