Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Unvirtuous Vegan Vagabond


Well, it seems with all the flurry of activity and emotions this month, and hosting out-of-town visitors as well, that an unwanted guest managed to slip their way into the house and has been hiding out in the kitchen all month.  Yes, the “Food Crack” dealer left my fridge and pantry filled with lots of sweets, snacks, and booze left-overs.

The virtuous vegan would have thrown all that stuff out, and I did a good job at immediately pitching any items with meat.  But, I was much less rigorous about the “vegetarian” and higher calorie vegan items— what vegan would not want to drown their sorrows with chips, salsa, beer, and cookies?

Of course, now I’ve discovered that all my newer-sized jeans are becoming too tight to wear comfortably.  So, with my 1-year vegan anniversary looming on the horizon next month, it’s time to take action!

I’ve now evicted the Food Crack dealer from my kitchen, and am preparing to start my first Juice fast later this week.  Hopefully, this will be a good way to renew my Vegan vows and re-dedicate my fitness and weight-loss efforts that I’d been neglecting in recent weeks.

Now that Spring has sprung, I’m also hoping to get the View out and start doing a little vagabonding as well.  No time for long trips until my Master Naturalist class finishes up in June (and I get further along with projects on both my and my mom’s houses), but I can at least get out for a couple days at a time to take a break and recharge.

Thank you to my fellow Vegan Vagabonds, Tessa and Evelyn, who have been posting to the Vegan Vagabonds Facebook page and blog site these past few weeks.  Hope you guys will let me jump back onto the wagon and continue the ride!


  1. You had ever reason to fall off the vegan wagon so don't beat yourself up too much.

    Coincidentally, I got back on my Wii exercises today and discovered I had been lax for 175 days!

    I think it will be easier to be good now that it's getting warmer and we don't sit around as much, although it's supposed to get down to 17 here Wednesday. Can you believe it?

    All the thanks go to Tessa for keeping up the Facebook posts.

  2. Hey Lynne! I agree with Ev, don't beat yourself up. I've gained weight too, so I am on a juice feast now also! I started slower this time, just juicing lunch for about a week. Then I bought (for shame, but it works!) some Bolthouse Juice to drink for breakfasts- a lot of angst gone with that one decision. Then after a few days of breakfast and lunch, I found that eating dinner made my stomach hurt and I felt better on just juice. Now I'm on Day 2 of full juice. It is SO much easier than the first time! And the weight already started coming off with the partial juicing, so I might recommend that method rather than the cold-turnip (I was going to say, "cold-turkey" but being vegan and all.. hehe) method.


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